Team Effectiveness

What do YOU do to get the most out of your team?
How do YOU keep your team aligned and focused around what matter most?


We manage the risk associated with team misalignment. A diagnostic assessment is conducted to determine and measure the team’s current effectiveness. An engagement plan, based on five critical disciplines of team effectiveness, is created, executed and managed by the team, allowing them to focus their energy on the things matters most.

Team Effectiveness Coaching: The Program


Observation: Prior to the engagement, TCG will attend meetings over an appropriate period to observe the current dynamic and better understand the goals and priorities of the group.

Personality Profile: Each team member will then be asked to complete a personality assessment, which looks at how an individual is likely to get along with others and achieve occupational goals. The results are distributed prior to the first session.

TCG Team – Performance Assessment: Each team member will also be asked to complete a quick team performance survey designed to look at current team interaction and behavior


Trust is the foundation for all success, whether in sports, business, or personal.
TCG will facilitate a group discussion about the Assessment findings. Each person will then share a few of their own insights with the group.

Using a diagnostic tool, we’ll quickly identify each person’s natural conflict styles (Competing, Collaborating, Accommodating, Avoiding, or Compromising). We’ll discuss the tendencies associated with each person’s style. Between session 2 and 3, each person will be tasked with observing and recording instances where they used the information during a conflict to negotiate more satisfying outcomes.

The group will hold an actual 30-minute meeting on a real topic. We’ll then conduct a series of exercises to ensure that commitments are clear, and that all others in the company are properly notified. All commitments should connect back to the fundamental principles and values of the company. We’ll then construct a list of ‘meeting rules,’ and decide on a thematic team goal.

We will give team members a forum for providing one another with focused, direct, and actionable feedback about how their behavior can improve the performance of the team. Where appropriate, we will conduct training around various accountability tools like RACI and OKRs.

We will provide the team with a clear and useful means of quickly assessing success so that it can organize meetings and discussions around relevant topics.

We’ll use the final session to share pre and post program surveys to see what has changed and where work is still needed. We’ll also discuss what has shifted externally, as a result of the team’s growth, and ways to ensure continued improvement and growth as a team. The expectation is that each team member will engage in exercises between sessions to reinforce the learning, cultivate new habits and develop new behaviors. TCG provides unlimited brief coaching sessions to all participants between sessions to address specific challenges and acknowledge progress as it occurs.