Establishing Culture

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ”
― Charles Darwin

“Companies that consistently focused on building strong values driven cultures over a period of several decades outperformed companies that did not by a factor of six, and outperformed the general stock market by a factor of fifteen.”

―Jim Collins
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Redefining your Company’s Culture

Designed for: Managers, Directors, and CEOs undergoing dramatic
changes brought on by a merger/acquisition, location or market change, or leadership transition.

Time: (4) hours

Size of group: Anywhere from 8-64 people (more participants will require a full day)

Program: We’ll lead a half day workshop to explore the attributes, e.g. values, beliefs, habits, rituals, behaviors, stories, symbols, and language that define your company’s current culture, and then selectively craft a narrative around the “new culture.” We’ll also discuss ways to “bring the new culture to life

Outcomes: A shared vision of your organization’s culture, and ways to build engagement and “resilience” around the plan.

Deliverables: A report detailing the process and outcomes, with a plan for ongoing accountability

“What we focus on and the questions we ask will determine what we find.”


Institutional Challenge:

Months after the merger and subsequent blending of two large utilities companies, the leadership began addressing perceived cultural differences between the two companies. They were divided by opposing cultures resulting in significant conflict and dysfunction.

The Curci Group Approach:

We led an offsite leadership retreat with senior members of both companies where we addressed the subject of “culture” head-on. Breaking the 25-member team into five groups of five, we asked them to identify the attributes (both good and bad) of the current culture, i.e., its values, beliefs, habits, behaviors, rituals, stories, symbols, and language. After looking for commonality, we selected those attributes we all agreed to maintain and those we chose to eliminate. Then we identified new attributes not appearing on any lists. The process resulted in redefining the “new culture.”

Results Achieved:

The group jointly created a new narrative for the company by selecting a shared set of attributes that would define their new corporate culture.

Some of the specific results achieved include:

  • A heightened emphasis on new priorities
  • Shared meaning among members of both companies;
  • Greater trust resulting from a shared decision-making experience and level-five listening;
  • Greater respect and appreciation for the new talents each company brought to the table.