Workshops from The Curci Group

Below is a list of some of the workshops we offer. Each is customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. Call us at 215 806 8319 to discuss how we can assist you in these areas.

1. Team Effectiveness

We’ll address issues of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results in service to building stronger, more resilient teams–teams capable of performing beyond their imagination.

2. Establishing Culture

We explore your company’s current and “desired” cultural attributes, e.g. values, beliefs, habits, behaviors, stories, symbols, and language. We then write a new cultural narrative and map out ways to bring the new culture to life.

3. Developing and Executing Strategy 

We work one-on-one or with a planning team to identify key, high-level priorities, relationships, metrics, and timelines already in place. We put together a plan designed to advance the company’s strategy by aligning resources and behaviors with objectives and priorities. We then co-create a blueprint ensuring that tasks are assigned and executed, and that the plan is communicated clearly so that others are encouraged to follow.

4. Internal Communications Gap Analysis

Using a Strategic Communications Maturity Model, we’ll work with you to leverage existing communication vehicles and channels and also to create new ones, as necessary, to bring about the targeted outcomes as timely and effectively as possible.

5. Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the preferred developmental approach for business owners, executives, directors and managers, and is often used to support strategic organizational change. Coaching efficiently enhances leadership skills. We use a co-active coaching approach designed to support the leader’s critical outcomes.