The importance of hiring, training and coaching managers to greatness

images for head heart handsMore and more companies are recognizing the importance of pushing responsibility and accountability down to the front lines. Being effective at front line accountability requires strong managers providing hands-on support.

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton writes that “Millions of Bad Managers Are Killing America’s Growth.” While I don’t agree with this sweeping generalization, it is clear that progressive efforts to hire, train and coach managers to greatness would pay unusually high dividends.

So, what do I mean by “progressive” efforts? Well, management training and coaching efforts needs to keep pace with today’s sophisticated workforce. It must be sensitive to the idea that managing requires the full use of one’s “head, heart and hands.” It must respect the fact that workers today, more than anything else, need to feel a sense of “dignity meaning and community” at work.

Not understanding these concepts will stifle training efforts and management effectiveness.