Syndicating Leadership

KFDNo matter how brilliant or visionary the leader in a large organization is regarded, her effectiveness and success will be tied to her ability to model her leadership style; to have others make decisions consistent with the leadership agenda. We refer to that as ‘syndicating leadership.’

How confident are you that the people reporting to you are communicating priorities and carrying out your agenda? And, just as importantly, are they doing it in the spirit and tone you yourself use? How easy is it for you to delegate the communication of big decisions… and still sleep at night?

Far too many senior executives worked their way up the ranks on the success of their own personal leadership style. But, as the scope of responsibilities (and audience) change, so should the messages (tone, frequency, channels) and overall communication style. The more I study leadership effectiveness, the more I’m convinced that what separates weak from strong leaders is a consistently clear message and an ability to use strategic communications to drive the leadership agenda.

Syndicating leadership means creating alignment among the entire leadership team, around communicating the leadership agenda. What do you want employees to know? What do you want them feel? And, what do you want them to do?

Know. Feel. Do.
Setting clear Know, Feel, Do goals equips you to support the leadership agenda, directly, explicitly, and measurably. KFD is a logical extension of the Integrated Planning Process. It provides a means to establish Commander’s Intent; a clear description of the end state.

KFD goals aren’t talking points or messages. And, it’s not a program or initiative you need to tell employees about. KFD describes outcomes we want to produce through our communication choices.