Organizational Alignment


Executive & 
Management Coaching
Our coaching sets up a dynamic, collaborative relationship designed to support the client’s agenda. Coaching is a preferred developmental approach for executives and leaders, and is used to support strategic organizational change. We help our clients manage change across entire divisions, departments and companies. Our International Coaches Federation (ICF) Certified Coaches offer flexible options to help clients reach their specific goals.

As companies begin to understand the importance of collaboration, their focus on improving team performance has increased. We help teams understand and overcome the five critical barriers to team performance. Our (6) session Team Effectiveness Coaching program brings awareness to new skills and behaviors, and includes between-session coaching.

Internal Communications
We elevate internal communication as a strategic business function, so you’ll have significantly greater confidence that your internal communication activities are helping you deliver the results to which you’ve committed. We’ll work with you to leverage existing communication vehicles and channels and also to create new ones, as necessary, to bring about the targeted outcomes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Meeting &
Retreat Facilitation
Our approach to facilitating meetings involves advanced planning, research and inquiry. Once the agenda is created and approved, we structure the program, establish the ground rules and lead the discussions. Successful retreats are ones where everyone participates, contributes ideas and takes responsibility for the outcomes; where everyone shares in the process of designing the future. Our job is to guide the process and discussions so that there is ample time to determine specific action plans and commitments.

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