Organizational Development


Executive & 
Management Coaching

Executive Coaching is the preferred developmental approach for senior leaders, and is also used to support strategic organizational change. Our International Coach Federation (ICF) and John Maxwell Certified coaches provide focused, outcomes driven coaching programs to support the client’s agenda.

Our process begins with enhancing self-awareness, by observing patterns through assessment data. The assessment feedback aids in the creation of a personalized development plan. We then begin our coaching sessions, focusing on specific objectives and exercises designed to achieve sustained behavioral change.

Team Effectiveness

Increasingly, organizations are focusing on the enormous growth potential inherent in high-performing teams. Understanding the six dimensions of team effectiveness and the attributes associated with each creates the foundation for team alignment, directly impacting their ability to execute the strategy.

We offer programs designed for each level of the organization. Each program begins with a formal assessment of the current state of the team. This allows us to measure our results throughout the engagement.

Strategic Alignment

The elements of a success change management strategy often point to the intersection of strategy and purpose. Purpose is what the business is trying to achieve. Strategy is how we will achieve it.

Using a variety of exercises, our PROSCI® Certified team members facilitate meetings and workshops designed to keep organizations connected to the strategy and its key initiatives. We then help re-align roles and resources to support its execution.

Meeting &
Retreat Facilitation

Our approach to facilitating meetings involves advanced planning, research and inquiry. Once the agenda is created and approved, we structure the program, establish the ground rules and lead the discussions.

In successful meetings and retreats everyone participates, contributes ideas and takes responsibility for outcomes. Everyone shares in the process of designing the future. Our job is to guide the process and discussions so that there is ample time to determine specific action plans and commitments.

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