Is your organization a meritocracy?

If it isn’t, or if it’s not perceived as one, then you’re at risk of losing you’re your best employees.

According to a recent performance and engagement survey* of over 200 companies, in over 42% of the companies low performing employees were among the most engaged and happy. And, they were most likely to recommend the company as a “great place to work.”

Big Problem.

First off, you don’t want your low performers championing your company for employment opportunities. But more importantly, you don’t want high performers feeling they work for a company that doesn’t value them–one that readily accepts low performance. High performers need to know there’s a standard to be met. They’re driven to excel. In the absence of a high standards, they’re likely to look for employment elsewhere. Some place that values and rewards their efforts.

Changing the culture of performance in an organization is delicate work, but probably the best investment a company can make.

At The Curci Group, we surface the attributes of high-performance at each company we work with. We then carefully examine the existing culture, and determine which behavior we want to keep, which to stop, and which to start.

We then instill a culture of accountability up and down the chain. In doing so, our goal is to have these new attributes become “the new norm”.

There’s a lot at risk, so make the shift.

* survey conducted by Leadership IQ