In Gratitude….

MarvI’ll forever be indebted to Marvin Weisborg.

Marv is a brilliant organizational theorist and OD consultant (and an amazing jazz musician) who has helped transform companies, organizations and communities the world over. He has advanced the body of knowledge around organizational change through, among other things, his research on self-organizing groups.

Marv has written and co-written several books on the subject, including three editions of the widely used text “Productive Workplaces,” which traces the history and evolution of organizational design theory.

The results of Marv’s extensive research lead to his belief that three factors are essential to driving employee satisfaction and engagement…dignity, meaning and community.

Dignity – Do employees feel values and respected?

Meaning – Does the work they are asked to do have a positive impact on peoples’ lives?

Community – Do employees feel a personal and professional connection to one another?

These simple, elegant attributes have such resonance. And, human resource executives who can answer ‘yes’ to these three questions should feel proud of their contribution to creating the conditions for real productivity.

Marv has, on several occasions, taken time out of his busy schedule to meet with me and share his insights and experiences. His generosity, spirit and intellect have been a real inspiration.

Thank you, Marv.