How Fitbit’s Culture Will Rocket It to Success

fitbit imageIn an recent post, we talked about the rise of the culture of wellness in the corporate world. Companies are realizing that not only can you save money by having healthier employees, but also your employees become more productive. Fitbit is poised to capitalize on the rise of the wellness culture. They sell clever little devices that measure your every move (just about), motivating users to be active, eat healthier and have fun doing it.

The culture of Fitbit appears to be another one poised for the storybooks. A lot has been written about how the culture of Zappos has contributed largely to its success. Similarly, Fitbit lives its culture so deeply that I foresee that it will have a dramatic impact on health and wellbeing in our country.

A friend of mine recently shared the story about the time he lost his Fitbit in a hotel. He called the company to see if they could help him locate it using GPS. A very friendly customer service rep offered, instead, to send him a new one free of charge. How much do you want to bet that one of their values is to wow people with their customer service? Well done, Fitbit.

How well does your company live its values?