Get Out of the Rut and Into the Lead with Factory Week

How can you possibly focus on the big picture when you’re stuck in the weeds? It may be time for a kick in the pants.

Maybe your company website needs a total overhaul. Or a great idea for a new product just isn’t getting off the ground. Maybe you’ve noticed that morale is low and your employees seem disengaged. Or your department simply needs a creative boost. But you slog through every day, barely keeping up with the work that piles up on your desk and the emails that clog your inbox. You’re busy putting out fires every minute of every day.

Enter Factory Week. This kick-in-the-pants idea is brought to you by SmallBox, a web design and marketing agency based in Indianapolis. They created Factory Week to address the very issues that plague every successful company. SmallBox logs off for an entire week—no clients, no emails, no phone calls—and relocates to a new work site to focus on a clear set of achievable goals. The company emerges a week later re-engaged around a common set of goals and re-energized after having collectively conquered a set of projects. The entire organization is repositioned for a better future.

Your company can and should take a Factory Week. Just shut it down and reboot. Click here for more about Factory Week. And if you need more convincing about why closing it down for a week will be good for your company, go to the ant.