Gaming the System

customer-engagement-gamificationWhat if there was a way to guarantee that the enterprise training you just invested heavily in would live on in the hearts and minds of employees? What if you could continually engage team members around important change, innovation, communications, or customer service initiatives?

And, what if you could improve your connection to your customers by rewarding them for performing actions which drive business results?

Most companies prioritize customer service, continual improvement, safety, and learning. But, what are they really doing to drive these behaviors every day?

Episodic events and announcements aren’t enough to ensure that change actually happens, or that there’s retention around new habits. What are you doing to build a lasting culture around your organization’s priorities?

Gamification software is being used to influence, engage and drive behavior across entire enterprises. Businesses are just beginning to realize the power of gamification to improve and deepen learning, align employees around key priorities, drive safety and customer satisfaction scores, and overcome a wide range of strategic issues.

There is tremendous value in leveraging simple gaming features to create new habits. We’ve partnered with a powerful technology provider, Ringorang, to customize learning retention programs designed to “lock in the learning” and gradually and sustainably affect culture change. If you’d like to know more, give me a call at 215.806.8319.  – Paul Curci