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“Paul was hired to help strengthen the labor-management relationship at Aqua Pennsylvania. He rapidly built credibility and trust with both sides of the table which made his efforts very effective. Paul deployed several effective tactics to build long-term trust between the parties. Among those tactics, he organized various committees composed of representatives from both labor and management. These committees produced good results and kept the parties talking. By presenting good research on “labor-management best practices” and connecting us with thought leaders in this area, he brought an enthusiasm and set of new ideas to our efforts. We have been extremely pleased with the results Paul has helped us produce. As a result we are nearer to our goal of partnership between labor and management.”

Christopher Franklin, CEO
Aqua America

“Paul was engaged to facilitate business planning and product development conversations with four nonprofit organizations that will be co-located in a new facility. Each nonprofit had a unique but complementary set of core competencies. Paul successfully engaged their business leaders to develop an agreed upon framework that will guide their future decision making processes as they collectively explore, identify, support, nurture, evaluate and modify their day-to-day operational decisions to offer greater value to their collective clientele.”

‪Russell Johnson‬, President, CEO
North Penn Community Health Foundation

“We treated our recent merger as an acquisition. In IT, we blended the two departments and cultures together. This was no small feat and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Paul Curci. Paul assisted and guided us with the communications for the blended IT group and the company as a whole. He also led several offsite team-building sessions that were vital in bringing the two companies together as one.”

Rick Fabrizio, Global Director & CIO
Trinseo LLC (formerly CIO at AmeriGas)

“Paul takes a highly professional approach to working with an organizational client. He is thoughtful and articulate in his approach and, in our case, played the role of facilitator of our strategic planning effort quite effectively.”

Bruce Levine, Executive Council
Drexel University, Goodwin School

“…His preparation was excellent and he kept the group on track so that the retreat was highly successful. His follow-up was also terrific. I highly recommend Paul as a retreat facilitator and would be happy to discuss our experience in using Paul.”

Ron Panitch, Partner
Panitch, Schwarze, Belisario & Nadel LLP