Assess your ability and readiness to change (It’s Free!)

There are sources of resistance and inertia even in the formulation stage of change. Meaning that the very idea of change, which signals a loss of control, invites resistance of all kinds. Change starts with the perception of its need, so a ‘wrong initial perception’ is the first barrier to change. The second main group of sources of resistance deals with a ‘low motivation for change.’  And, the ‘lack of a creative response’ is the third set of sources of resistance. In the implementation stage, two more resistance groups can be found. The first of them deals with political and cultural deadlocks to change. And finally, a set of five sources of resistance with different characteristics have been bunched together around the last group.

To gain some insight into your own attitudes toward change, take this free baseline indicator found here.

Once you’ve completed it, we can schedule some time for a free debrief, which may help you embrace changes in your organization…or at least bring awareness to the root causes. Pretty interesting. No?